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Proficiency/C2 Hub (Update Nov 17)

Proficiency Hub
Helping you keep track as we add new material for the exam, week by week.

Exam Format
Download the Offical Handbook for the new 2013 CPE Exam here 

Practice Exam
Download a full exam, including listening test audio, from Cambridge English from this page.

New Oct 2017
How to Pass Proficiency!

Writing Exam
Find a selection of exercises and some very good samples on this website.

Use of English
These Links are repeated at the Exam Hub.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (Labelled as Part 5 in some activities)

Complete Exam
Find a complete UoE to practise here.

Online Exercises
7 Pages of Transformations Here.
4 Grammatically Themed Exercises Here.
12 Pages of Transformations. Here.
5 Pages of Transformations Here.

Part 2

Visit the Listening Page for two C2-level exericises to help you work on your listening skills.

Speaking Exam
A complete review and introduction to the test is here.
NEW Nov 2017
Advice on Vocabulary for the Speaking is here.

Video View
Watch the video, perhaps in parts. Make a note of where you think the candidate succeeds or needs to improve.

Rodrigo & Ollin:

Take a look at the PDF comments below to see the official opinion.


Look for the Test Yourself logo to find exercises to help you review what you need for the exam.

Advanced (CAE) can help too!
Of course you're doing a higher level exam, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of our links to CAE exercises and material. Pop over to the Advanced Hub, or browse the Alphabetical Archive (on the right of this page) to get an idea what you should already be quite comfortable with!

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