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05 June 2017

Last Minute 5

Cambridge Exam Soon?

As with Writing, give yourself mock tasks and run through them in your head.

Online videos are always worth a look, but should be watched critically. Give yourself a focus. How well do they link? What expressions do they use to interact? Are they varying their vocab or repeating? What would you do differently?

04 June 2017

Last Minute 4

Cambridge Exam Soon?

Analyse previous or online questions for keywords and try some planning, without actually writing complete answers.
Use our Functions and Vocabulary prep method.
Make sure you have a set of linking expressions, and for Advanced and Proficiency that you've got enough at varying levels of formality.

03 June 2017

Last Minute 3

Cambridge Exam Soon?

Listen to *anything* at all! Repeat exercises from your Workbook.

02 June 2017

Last Minute 2

Cambridge Exam Soon?

Concentrate on time management. Make sure you know how much time you want to give to each section. Advanced Students should think very carefully about strategy for part 6, see our link from May 30th.

01 June 2017

Last Minute Exam Advice 1

Cambridge Exam Soon?

We recommend.

Use of English
Practice Part 1 without the options - and look at sets of options without the questions.
Try to invent your own Part 2 exercises. Easy if you try using Word.
Use  online flashcards to practice part 3 and part 4.