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24 April 2017

C1/Advanced Use of English Part 1

NEW Use of English on Quizlet

Part 1

Visit the Online or Advanced Hubs for the complete range of UoE Quizlet exercises.

20 April 2017

Test Yourself First: Use of English Part 1

NEW Quizlet Slideshows

These links are repeated in the First Hub.
Use of English
Part 1

03 April 2017

C1/Advanced on Mondays: Speaking and Writing Advice

Do you have a pet?


We recommend getting an Exam Pet or two!

Exam pets are expressions, phrases or grammar structures you look after especially carefully. And...you ALWAYS try to use them in each activity where you are speaking or writing.

It could be...

  • Five (say) common phrasal verbs - and you always try to use at least two.
  • A couple of bits of functional language - for opinions, or thanking or making suggestions
  • A particular grammar structure that's very useful but not so easy to use.

Whatever it is - always use it. Set your own rules and create your own habits. Choose your structures soon!

27 March 2017

C1/Advanced on Mondays: Word Formation

Here's some activites on Part 3 of Use of English/Reading


20 March 2017

C1/ADvanced on Mondays:Part 1 Writing

Lots of language and advice for the Essay Question is here.

13 March 2017

C1/Advanced on Mondays: Mindmap

Do you use a Mindmap for Part 1?

Give it a try!

Link here.

10 March 2017

C1/Advanced Sentence Transformations

Follow the link for a download Word Doc with 70 transformations to practice.


08 March 2017

C2 and C1 Sentence Transformations

Here's a lesson with flashcards for Advanced and Proficiency


16 February 2017

C2/Proficiency Use of English

Flashcard set on Quizlet

19 Questions

15 February 2017

C1/Advanced on Quizlet

Advanced Part on FLashcards on Quizlet


20 Questions

13 February 2017

B2/First on Quizlet

Links to Multiple Choice Flashcards on Quizlet

13 multiple choice questions


30 January 2017

B2/C1 Articles

Lots of excellent advice on articles is to be found here.

27 January 2017

Prepare for Your Mock Speaking Exam

Get Ready for 
Mock Speaking Exams 
in February

You can visit the Speaking Page. See the link on the Navbar above.
Click the Label First Speaking on the left.

Use the C1/Advanced Speaking Hub above.
Click the Label Advanced Speaking on the left.

Use the C2 Proficiency Hub above.
Click the Label Proficiency Speaking on the left.

Don't forget;
Check the Cambridge Videos Feed on the left of this page for random Speaking videos to rewatch and review.

25 January 2017


A link to signposting language for essays.


B2/First Writing Tips

Here's a long Slideshare giving lots of advice for First Writing.


23 January 2017

B2 and C1: Word Formation

Organise your word formation scientifically with this Slideshare.


20 January 2017

B2/First Speaking

Aslideshare giving lots of good examples and advice for the First Speaking Exam.

Also worth taking a look at for Advanced,


18 January 2017

C1/Cambridge Advanced Writing

A slideshare of Writing advice from Cambridge for C1 Level.


16 January 2017

b1/PET Exam Tips

Here's a Slideshare guide to help with the Cambridge Preliminary.