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24 November 2016

C1/Advanced: Writing Mistakes

So how do you get on with:

relative clauses
gerunds and infinitives


And do you take risks?
Do you try to make it interesting?

Read up more here.

21 November 2016

First/B2 Review Toolkit

Here's a method for writing your book or movie reviews at B2 level.


18 November 2016

C2/Proficiency Vocab Building

Flo-Joe's wordbank site.


15 November 2016

B1/Preliminary(PET)Speaking Video

Watch two videos at the link below.


14 November 2016

First/B2 Listening: Part 3 of the test

Here's a detailed summary of part 3 of the Listening test to study.


08 November 2016

First/B2: Introducing essays

Looking for advice on how to begin your essay?


03 November 2016

C1/Advanced Use of English Advice

If you want to get an early start on the methods and tips for the exam here's a place to spend half an hour or so thinking about parts 1 and 2 of the test.