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30 May 2016

Test Yourself - FCE

Don't forget the Test Yourself Hub for First Practice.

Lots more links like this:


27 May 2016

TY2016: C1/C2 Formal Letters

Review your formal letter s skills here.

26 May 2016

Test Yourself: Advanced

Don't forget the Test Yourself Hub for Advanced Practice.

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25 May 2016

TY2016 C1: Formal Language

Review your formal expressions here.

19 May 2016

TY 2016. C2 Sentence Transformation

Proficiency Transformations

17 May 2016

TY2016. C1/Advanced Transformations

CAE Transformations

16 May 2016

TY2016. B2. Formal Letters

Formal Letter at B2

TY2016. B2/First Key word transformations

FC Key word Transformations

12 May 2016

TY2016. C2/Proficiency. Word formation

CPE wordforms

10 May 2016

TY2016. B2. Review Writing

Reviews at B2

TY2016. C1/Advanced Word formation

CAE wordforms

09 May 2016

TY2016. B2/First Word Formation

FC Word forms

06 May 2016

TY 2016. B2. Informal Letters.

Informal Letters at B2

04 May 2016

TY2016. C2/Proficiency Use of English Part 2

CPE Part 2

03 May 2016

TY2016. C1/Advanced Use of English Part 2

AE Part 2

02 May 2016

TY2016. B2/First Use of English Pt 2

FC Part 2 - Open Close Practice