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24 November 2016

C1/Advanced: Writing Mistakes

So how do you get on with:

relative clauses
gerunds and infinitives


And do you take risks?
Do you try to make it interesting?

Read up more here.

21 November 2016

First/B2 Review Toolkit

Here's a method for writing your book or movie reviews at B2 level.


18 November 2016

C2/Proficiency Vocab Building

Flo-Joe's wordbank site.


15 November 2016

B1/Preliminary(PET)Speaking Video

Watch two videos at the link below.


14 November 2016

First/B2 Listening: Part 3 of the test

Here's a detailed summary of part 3 of the Listening test to study.


08 November 2016

First/B2: Introducing essays

Looking for advice on how to begin your essay?


03 November 2016

C1/Advanced Use of English Advice

If you want to get an early start on the methods and tips for the exam here's a place to spend half an hour or so thinking about parts 1 and 2 of the test.


31 October 2016

B2/First Listening: Decoding the Questions

Trying to make sense of the questions in the Listening test?

This article decodes a lot of the most important words you need to get the sense of to answer the questions.


25 October 2016

B1/Preliminary (PET) Free Practice Tests

Two tests are here.


24 October 2016

First/B2 Essay Toolkit

Here's a great recipe for preparing an essay. You can use it for First and for IELTS too.


21 October 2016

C2/Proficiency Advice

Flo-Joe on Facebook here.

19 October 2016

Advanced/C2 Essays

Polishing your essay skills.


17 October 2016

First/B2 Writing Overview

An excellent toolkit for any student working on First writing.


10 October 2016

Welcome Back

The Exam Room will be updating regularly from now to December. If you're working on an exam, we're here to help!

02 June 2016

Test Yourself: Proficiency

Don't forget the Test Yourself Hub for CPE Practice.

Lots more links like this:


01 June 2016

TY2016 C1/C2 Formal and Informal Language

More to try!

30 May 2016

Test Yourself - FCE

Don't forget the Test Yourself Hub for First Practice.

Lots more links like this:


27 May 2016

TY2016: C1/C2 Formal Letters

Review your formal letter s skills here.

26 May 2016

Test Yourself: Advanced

Don't forget the Test Yourself Hub for Advanced Practice.

Lots more links like this:


25 May 2016

TY2016 C1: Formal Language

Review your formal expressions here.

19 May 2016

TY 2016. C2 Sentence Transformation

Proficiency Transformations

17 May 2016

TY2016. C1/Advanced Transformations

CAE Transformations

16 May 2016

TY2016. B2. Formal Letters

Formal Letter at B2

TY2016. B2/First Key word transformations

FC Key word Transformations

12 May 2016

TY2016. C2/Proficiency. Word formation

CPE wordforms

10 May 2016

TY2016. B2. Review Writing

Reviews at B2

TY2016. C1/Advanced Word formation

CAE wordforms

09 May 2016

TY2016. B2/First Word Formation

FC Word forms

06 May 2016

TY 2016. B2. Informal Letters.

Informal Letters at B2

04 May 2016

TY2016. C2/Proficiency Use of English Part 2

CPE Part 2

03 May 2016

TY2016. C1/Advanced Use of English Part 2

AE Part 2

02 May 2016

TY2016. B2/First Use of English Pt 2

FC Part 2 - Open Close Practice