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29 October 2015

Advanced Essay

Excellent advice for Part 1 of the Writing test here.


28 October 2015

PET Reading Practice

Go here for some material to help your assessments:
Exam English

26 October 2015

First Essay

A full page of advice on writing essays at First.


22 October 2015

First: Transformations

A video Howto.

21 October 2015

PET Vocabulary

Exercises and Practice
Exam English

19 October 2015

First Letters

Useful words and phrases for formal and informal writing collected here.

14 October 2015

PET Writing

Introducing PET Writing

Exam Practice and Advice
Exam English

12 October 2015

First and Advanced Writing Advice

Some excellent advice at this link.

07 October 2015

PET Reading

Reading Practice for the PET Exam

Exam English

04 October 2015

PET Speaking Videos

Two Video Examples that can help your prepatation.