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24 April 2015

Advanced Sentence Transformations

40 Sentence transformations to be found here.

23 April 2015

Test Yourself Vocabulary at B2

Level 4 contains good material for levels from First upwards.

22 April 2015

DIY Vocab Tests

Here's an example


Use the search function in your browser to see how many times do "heart" or "head" or "feet" turn up - Can you remember any expressions with those words?

Now look through the search results and see what you got!

So - Use a webpage vocab list to test yourself:

Use the search function in Chrome (or IE) to how many times a word is picked up in the page - then try to anticipate the expressions before you go through and check them.

Remember the search will find *all* the mentions so divide by three to eliminate the repeats of the word in the explanation.

If the search finds 10 uses, that suggests 3 or 4 expressions. 16 sounds like 4 to 6 expressions

20 April 2015

Proficiency Use of English Part 4

CPE Transformation Links
7 Pages of Transformations

4 Grammatically Themed Exercises

12 Pages of Transformations.

5 Pages of Transformations

17 April 2015

Proficency and Advanced - Vocabulary tests

Test material for C1 and C2 levels - Advanced and Proficiency especially.

16 April 2015

First: Informal Letters

Go here for an page reviewing informal letter writing.

15 April 2015

Test Yourself on Writing Tasks

Here, thanks to a Polish website is a summary of some writing language for many writing tasks.

The page has, in order, phrases for:

formal letter
informal letter

Try listing, from memory, language you have for those various, then compare with the site.

14 April 2015

Update: Exam Practice Websites

New Links to several First Practice Websites added to the page here.

Advanced CPE Practice - A Letter to an Editor

A formal opinion letter to an editor

09 April 2015

Advanced Practice - A review

Complete the gaps in this review.