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29 January 2015

Advanced Practice - Reading and Use of English

There's a whole test online here for you to use when you like.

Advanced, CPE. How to...

write a proposal.

27 January 2015

Advanced, CPE How to...

to write an opinion-based letter to an editor of a website, newspaper or magazine.

23 January 2015

First Writing Practice - Email

Fill the gaps to make an email.

22 January 2015

First, Advanced. How to...

to write an application letter.

20 January 2015

Writing Skills

This speaker advises being cautious of too much word formation in your writing. In short - don't overcomplicate things.

19 January 2015

First, Advanced, CPE, IELTS How to

to write an essay.

16 January 2015

First Listening Practice

A Listening test to use in your own time.

15 January 2015

First, Advanced, CPE. How to...

to write an article.

13 January 2015

Profoficiency; Use of English Practice

 Use of English practice can be found here.