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"The higher your level, the more important it gets."
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Getting ready to write.

One Way to Plan Your Work

There's no single way to plan a writing answer, but here's a two-step process that tries to get you to focus on

- the tasks you've got to do
- the language you need to use
- avoiding copying from the question
- getting variety in your vocab

Take a look at this question:

Apply this two step process.

Step 1.
a. Underline all the FUNCTIONS you have to carry out in this exercise.
b. Highlight the important information words in the question.

Here are's our version:

QuestionYou are reading an English language magazine and you see details of a language school that you are interested in.

If you would like to study English on a course that has been specially designed to meet your needs and interests, then contact the Principal of the Effective Learning School giving details of your:
Motivation for studying English; length of time studying English; strengths and weaknesses in the languagePreferred start date and length of courseHobbies …