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Exam coming?
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31 March 2014

First Video Lounge 5

Our latest link is to a video with advice for the Listening test.

27 March 2014

CAE Video Lounge 4

Another video, this time: The Writng Test described.

25 March 2014

FCE Video Lounge 4

Advice for the FCE Writing Test.

21 March 2014

CPE Quizzes




Multiple choice practices.

20 March 2014

Advanced Video Lounge 3

The Speaking Exam, in depth

18 March 2014

Advanced Video Lounge 2

Planning to register? Already registered? Get ready for the exam.

17 March 2014

First Video Lounge 3

Another video, this time reviewing Sentence transformation from Part 4 of the test.

14 March 2014

Proficiency Vocabulary Quiz

Try yourself out on an online vocab quiz:


10 March 2014

First Video Lounge 2

Examiners Talking About the Speaking Test

Go here.

06 March 2014

Advanced Video Lounge 1

Video Advice for Use of English

04 March 2014

Proficiency Listening Test

Link to  Youtube Video of a CPE Listening test.

Answers availabel from the link on the page.

03 March 2014

New Listening!

We've added a Link to a page of Advanced Listening Actvities to the Listening Hub.

First Video Lounge

First Video Lounge

The Video Lounge will expand to link to lessons about the exams on the net.

A video review of FCE Use of English Part 1