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30 January 2014

Proficiency - Speaking

We've added a Video & Feedback PDF to the Proficiency Hub. Click on the tab above.

29 January 2014

Advanced - Writing a Review

Advice from Level 8 to get you a good score

28 January 2014

Proficiency Speaking test

Take a look at a sample of the 2013 Update Proficiency Oral Exam.

27 January 2014

Get Ready for Advanced Speaking

Some advice for the First & Advanced speaking tests.

A video to take a look at:

24 January 2014

Writing a Report

Some good advice here - for students and professionals! - on giving your report the impact you want to achieve!

22 January 2014

First Writing: Online practice

A Beta project giving you the chance for online writing practice  is available from Flo-Jo and Cambridge English.

The interesting innovation is that you can submit your work for assessment, get some feedback and resubmit it to try to improve your result.

You need to register to take part.


16 January 2014

Writing an Application

Good advice here for students - and potential employees! - on writing an application for a job.

Writing articles

Some detailed information here - also of interest to anyone with journalistic ambitions.