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31 October 2013

Essays 3 of 3: Structure.

Final part of our minicourse on structure. Take a look at this video class.

29 October 2013

Proposals 2 of 3: Vocabulary

Following on from last week's video, go here for work on vocab for proposals.

Next week: Structure.

28 October 2013

Letter or Email? Not a problem!

Jane's guide to writing slips

Here's an interesting article from the BBC - some real world advice on emails - some, maybe most of it could be useful to you - thinking about what a native speaker reader is expecting to hear.

24 October 2013

Essays 2 of 3: Structure

Go here to start working on essay structure.

22 October 2013

Proposals 1 of 3: A summary

Go here to try an online video lesson helping you learn about writing proposals.

Comeback next week for a follow up exercise on vocabulary.

17 October 2013

Essays 1 of 3: Watch and Listen

Go here to watch an introduction to essay writing, ideal for Proficiency. Interesting for FCE and CAE.

16 October 2013

First - Sentence Transformations

If you've just started using Objective First Certificate, you'll know that Uniyt 1.1 introduces sentence transformations. Practice is important, so here's a link to some to try out - answers are at the bottom of the page.


15 October 2013

Writing for Purpose

Writing for purpose - composing quality writing work for academic or profesional reasons.

A British Council course is here.

10 October 2013

Formal Letters

Formal Letters are key to First, Advanced and Proficiency.

Go here to get started.