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17 April 2012

FCE and CAE: Planning your work

Advice and exercises can be found here.

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13 April 2012

CAE - Information Sheet/Leaflet

A student writes has a go

A student's answer to a typical question, with some feedback:

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12 April 2012

Sample Music Review: (FCE Length, Proficiency level)

A Music Review

Written a year ago, this might give you something to play with in terms of register and style. Around FCE length, but written for a native speaker reader.

Alison Krauss & Union Station: Paper Airplane
Bluegrass is like...Ronaldo. It makes you so mad you want to throw things at it or makes you tick. AKUS (not a lot of words allowed on Fb) are top of the line.

You get three sorts of song. Ali going wistful and emotional. Because, as a beautiful, willowly blonde with an angelic voice, she's naturally sad, lonely and desperate for company. Hmmm, not entirely plausible, but we'll let her run with it. The there's the hardcore stuff. Really. Proper rustic vocals, dustbowls, obscure American towns and tales of loss and love. It's like Irish folk with cowboy hats. Finally there's the odd instrumental, with Ali going like the clappers on the violin, Jerry Douglas picking on the steel guitar like his life depended on it, and the rest of them hitting every note spot on.
PA follows on from UKAS' last two albums. A bit more New Favourite country than Lonely Runs Both Ways country-pop. You'll love it or hate all three. Me? Love it.