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Advanced Student's Work: A Film Review

Student Sample

Read the homework. Can you use your experience to imagine how many marks of out 10 this review of two movies might get?

>>  ?? << Produced with fifteen years of difference[m1], Source Code and The Rock are both remarkable movies.
Source Code is an intriguingü action film, which is still in some cinemas, and is suitable for a general audience. This thrillerü is centered on a soldier, Jake Gyllenhaal, who wakes up in a train, in the body of an unknown man. After some minutes, he discovers he is part of a mission to find a terrorist who is in that train. The plot is captivatingü; with some unexpected twist that makes this film very thought-provokingü. As a curiosity, I would like to mention that it is a low-budget film. It has cost ^32 million while the normal budget for American films is about ^100 million. I strongly recommendü watching it, as it is one of the best films I have seen this year.
Going back to 1996, The Rock is one of my all-timeüü favorite thriller…

First: Formal Writing

Reviewing Formal Letters
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Presentation C1/Advanced

Powerpoint Presentation for C1 level:

Advice on:
Formality and grading it
Planning Writing
Checking Writing


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Real World Writing

Real people...
real reasons...
real writing!

Link here to an interesting real webpage written by a university professor to his students about what he expects from their emails to him. Some lessons for everyone here!

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