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21 February 2012

Advanced Student's Work: A Film Review

Student Sample

Read the homework. Can you use your experience to imagine how many marks of out 10 this review of two movies might get?

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Produced with fifteen years of difference[m1] , Source Code and The Rock are both remarkable movies.
Source Code is an intriguingü action film, which is still in some cinemas, and is suitable for a general audience. This thrillerü is centered on a soldier, Jake Gyllenhaal, who wakes up in a train, in the body of an unknown man. After some minutes, he discovers he is part of a mission to find a terrorist who is in that train. The plot is captivatingü; with some unexpected twist that makes this film very thought-provokingü. As a curiosity, I would like to mention that it is a low-budget film. It has cost ^32 million while the normal budget for American films is about ^100 million. I strongly recommendü watching it, as it is one of the best films I have seen this year.
 Going back to 1996, The Rock is one of my all-timeüü favorite thrillers. With a really intense plot, this film catches your attention from the first minute to the last one. A renegadeü general and his group of Marines take over Alcatraz with some hostages and biological weapons.  They threaten the city of San Francisco to protest for an injustice from the government. The cast couldn´t be betterüü: Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris give a tremendous performance. 
Although it is an entertained film and also has some moments of humor, because of the scenes of violence and sex, this film would be better only for adults.

Highlight to read the teacher's comments:
 Pretty good, although I would have liked a title on the top – and a bit more personality would be good, but I think, I will, go for 8 because I can see the effort is there. I would like more “film” vocabulary to be really confident about the mark though.

 [m1]Fifteen years apart

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08 February 2012

First: Formal Writing

Reviewing Formal Letters
We'd like to recommend this page on the Flo-Joe website. have a go at some of the twenty two(!) exercises before your next homework.
Obviously, we're happy to answer questions or doubts you have here or on Facebook.
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03 February 2012

Presentation C1/Advanced

Powerpoint Presentation for C1 level:

Advice on:
Formality and grading it
Planning Writing
Checking Writing


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02 February 2012

Real World Writing

Real people...
real reasons...
real writing!

Link here to an interesting real webpage written by a university professor to his students about what he expects from their emails to him. Some lessons for everyone here!

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