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As a complement to the First Certificate link, here's a CAE one to play with too written by a teacher (not British Council) for her students last year it's full of things to play with.

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Answers to Advanced Student questions

Time to answer those questions
Dear British Council I have been reviewing the writing exam that I took on 24th, and I have the following questions regarding the errors I made:1)      Please, I would like you to explain why “the duration of the job” is incorrect because I have found examples in the dictionary that say that it is correct. The example I found is “the duration of the contract”.Don't assume because  it's correct for job it's therefore automatically correct for contract - that's not how (English) collocation works - specific words collocate to others and don't to others - seemingly at random, I'm afraid. Although, we should also note even this depends on the exact meaning of the word "job". If we were referring to it in the sense of "task" or "project" it would be OK, but not in the sense of "post/position". 

2)      Why is “significant salary” incorrect when I have seen it used many times? For example:
Many youn…