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22 November 2017

B2/First Use of English Advice

Some Examples and advice for Use of English Part 1 is at the link.

We'd note that Cambridge recommend always doing tests in order. This site suggests different orders, which you might like to experiment with.

21 November 2017

C1/Advanced Use of English Part 2 Advice

Follow the link for excellent advice on Part 1 and 2 of Advanced Use of English.

We especially recommend the three sections on Part 2, which explain a lot about the most typical answers in that section.


14 November 2017

C1 Writing: Essays

Very good material developing Part 1 Essays. Click!

07 November 2017

C1/Advanced Speaking

Here's some student speaking and teacher feedback for the Advanced Exam. Click!

31 October 2017

C2/Proficiency Long turn speaking

Four long turns, plus language analysis.

Link here.