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19 October 2017

C1/Advanced Collocations

Need to think about your writing - and speaking?

Collocations are the way to the highest marks.


17 October 2017


See updates to the Proficiency and Advanced Hubs.

05 June 2017

Last Minute 5

Cambridge Exam Soon?

As with Writing, give yourself mock tasks and run through them in your head.

Online videos are always worth a look, but should be watched critically. Give yourself a focus. How well do they link? What expressions do they use to interact? Are they varying their vocab or repeating? What would you do differently?

04 June 2017

Last Minute 4

Cambridge Exam Soon?

Analyse previous or online questions for keywords and try some planning, without actually writing complete answers.
Use our Functions and Vocabulary prep method.
Make sure you have a set of linking expressions, and for Advanced and Proficiency that you've got enough at varying levels of formality.

03 June 2017

Last Minute 3

Cambridge Exam Soon?

Listen to *anything* at all! Repeat exercises from your Workbook.